The Dummies’ Guide to Modular Homes

Modular homes have been a buzzword in the media over the past few years…You’ve probably heard of them and have some preconceived notions about what they are. This post explores the reality of modular homes and why they have become so popular in recent years. 

What Are Modular Homes?

What the heck is a modular home? Great question – I’m glad you asked! A modular home is constructed in sections and built offsite, typically in a factory setting. Once constructed, the home components are then shipped, yes SHIPPED… on a truck, to your location – I know, right – talk about extraordinary delivery service! The prefabricated modules are then delivered, and the sections are craned onto your foundation – you have to YouTube this, it is SERIOUSLY cool! After the components are placed, they are joined together by “stitching” the modules together – don’t worry we use more than a needle and thread 😉 

Modular homes are often mistakenly compared to mobile homes or manufactured homes, #wrong! Manufactured homes and modular homes are both built in a factory, nevertheless, the differences are vast. Modular homes follow stringent guidelines to meet CSA A-277 standards. They are truly equivalent (if not greater – yup, I said it), to a traditional site-built home. Mobile or manufactured homes are not typically built to the same criterion. They vary in building standards, insulation values, floor structure, and design – not really what you want when building a dream home or cottage in Canada, am I right?

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How Are Modular Homes Built?

The entire process of modular home building is controlled and efficient right from the beginning. The design process is kept streamlined and economical, a benefit you’ll reap throughout the entire journey of your new home build. Our factory continues this theme in their building systems. The factory starts by building the floor system of your home, then adding the walls – all this is done with a large crane system. Every piece is built plumb, with strong quality control and construction guidelines – phew, what a relief! The modules are built to withstand transportation and on-site placement. Because of this, they are often considered more durable than site-built homes – what did I tell you, better than a traditional build! 

As I mentioned, each modular home is CSA approved and built to A-277 standards. These are the same standards that govern site-built homes. The materials used are virtually indistinguishable to site-built homes, it is simply built indoors; therefore, no mould, damage to materials due to the elements (thank you mother nature), risk of theft, or some hooligans tampering with items on the job site! This way of doing things allows materials to stay dry and square throughout the building process.

The Future Of Modular Homes In Canada 

Modular home building is extremely popular throughout the world – it’s gaining momentum at exceptional rates here in Ontario (could that be because it’s brilliant?!). The market is expected to almost double in size by 2025. As concerns about workplace safety and environmental impacts rise, government support and interest for modular home building are increasing. Modular home building can offer an eco-friendly building option that is cost-effective and typically much faster than traditional building.

Ontario had been slow to jump on the modular home building wagon, but it has recently exploded in popularity. Canada is in a unique position to use the modular home building to its advantage. With our harsh climate and cold temperatures, modular building can offer Canadians the opportunity to build year-round AND keep their home safe from the elements throughout the building process.

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Why Modular Homes?

Modular home building is exploding in Canada and throughout Ontario. Homebuyers are starting to see the incredible advantages offered by prefab construction (aha, it’s a lightbulb kind of moment).  Check out the list below for some of the key advantages of modular home building:

1. Speed Of Construction

Nowadays, we live in an instant gratification type of culture. The modular home building process plays to that desire by allowing the construction of a home and the site work to be completed simultaneously. This can massively decrease the overall time of your new home build.

2. Built Indoors

Our lumber is never exposed to rain or snow – meaning you won’t be dealing with warped lumber, moisture in your walls, and potential issues with mould. We’ve all seen that new home build, it’s just at the framing stage and covered in snow or it’s fallen victim to the latest tsunami, ugh – facepalm!!. This can cause a variety of issues down the road. Factory building gives your home protection from the elements.

3. Eco-friendly Building Option

Material waste is essentially eliminated by recycling, controlling inventory, and protecting materials from the elements – it’s our pleasure mother nature! Ultimately, the regulated environment in the factory allows for more precise construction and more recycling of materials within the factory. When site-building, many of these materials would be wasted – another point for modular building, YAY!

4. Quality

Factory-built homes are built to the same or better standards as site-built homes. Modular homes are built to withstand transportation and set-up creates a durable and high-quality home.

5. Lower Cost

OK – who LOVES to save money?? Modular homes are typically much more affordable than site-built homes. Due to the factory’s bulk buying power, less waste in the construction process, and simplified designs, prefabricated housing can create an affordable building option. I mean, with all the money you’re going to save – maybe a new pool is in order!!

6. Accurate Pricing

Prefab homes allow you to know the exact cost of your home upfront. The factory can provide price protection due to its bulk buying power and fast building process. You know the price of your home upfront AND that price is protected. Conventionally site builders are typically only able to offer an estimate that can change by the time material is ordered. Essentially, less chance for the “creep” factor to sneak up on you!


Modular homes have been a popular method of building for quite a few years now. In recent years, it has become more and more prevalent, as methods improve and stigma around prefab building has disappeared. Modular homes are a WONDERFUL way of accomplishing your building dreams, while on a budget. They offer a plethora of amazing advantages and continue to become a mainstream way of building a home.