Home prices shown on our website are for modular home sections (modules), delivered to your lot in Southern Ontario. Contact us today to find out how you can save thousands on a new modular home

Be your own general contractor and

  • Our system allows you to manage your project and save 15 to 20%

  • Most work is factory finished, you look after the foundation, mechanical completion and land costs

  • Prices include completed home modules delivered to your lot in Southern Ontario

Why Doesn't Comfort Homes Use Per Square Foot Pricing?

Generally, when builders provide a price per square foot, you are really getting a rough estimation as to the cost of your project. We pride ourselves on our direct and transparent approach to pricing and really assisting our customers to reach their budget goals. To do this, we provide you with the actual contract price right from the beginning! With our flexible and hands-on system, you are able to really control the cost of your project. 

Our Models

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Contact us to find out how you can save thousands on your new home!

Did You Know?

If you are building a new home in Ontario you may be eligible to receive an HST rebate of up to $24,000! Click the link below to find out more.

Download Our PDF Info Packs

For your convenience we've created downloadable guides to all of the most important information on both the Comfort Homes Value Series Models, and the Comfort Homes Plus Models. These Guides have detailed pricing information for each model as well as some details on what is included in each model.