Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Modular homes are built to the same or better standard than traditionally built homes.
  2. Your home is built indoors and protected from the elements!
  3. We can provide accurate pricing up front
  4. Modular homes typically create less waste than traditionally built home, making them a great eco-friendly option.
  5. Modular homes offer a quick home building option
  6. Modular homes tend to be lower cost than traditionally built homes

We provide the price for each home on our website! If you are looking for more detail  on pricing, feel free to contact us and we can chat about the items you should consider  when building your budget. 

Most of our customers opt to complete their own foundation, mechanical completions, and land costs. We also offer a variety of set-up options depending on your preferences!

Generally, when builders provide a price per square foot, you are really getting a rough estimation as to the cost of your project. We pride ourselves on our direct and transparent approach to pricing and really assisting our customers to reach their budget goals. To do this, we provide you with the actual contract price right from the beginning! With our flexible and hands-on system, you are able to really control the cost of your project.

Yes! With the amazing efficiency, minimal waste, and bulk buying advantages, modular  building is a more cost-effective way to build. With the Comfort Homes system, you are  able to create value in your build by taking a hands-on approach.

With locations in Woodstock and on the Bruce Peninsula, we are able to service all of Southwestern Ontario.

Many financial institutions offer construction loans. The advantage of modular building  is the quick and streamlined process, which can significantly lower your cost of financing. Most of our customers are able to secure short term financing later in their build process!

Modular home building allows the construction of the home and the site work to be completed at the same time. This can massively decrease the overall time of your new home build. There are also no delays due to weather! You can build all year round, making it a much quicker option than traditional site-building.

Still Have Questions?

Give us a call, or send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to fill in the blanks so you can get started on your journey towards living in comfort!